Superbonus of 110% for villas extended until June: the FdI amendment to the Milleproroghe

Super Bonus 110% for cities extended until June. The three-month extension is contained in an amendment by the Brothers of Italy (first signed by Tubetti) to the decree A thousand extensions which is among the information of the group. Three more months for works on single-family homes in which at least 30% of the total intervention has been carried out by 30 September 2022: in this case the maximum subsidy of 110% could no longer be valid until 31 of March but until March 31. June 30, 2023.

More time also for the Superbonus for social housing

Even for social housing there will be more time for IACPs (Autonomous Institutes of Social Housing) to take advantage of the bonus. Particularly Come on Italy requests that for buildings “in which at least 60% of the total work has been carried out on June 30, 2023, the deduction of 110% must also be deducted for the expenses carried out until December 31 2024”.

The costs, equal to 100 million euros for each of the years 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027, 30 million euros for each of the years 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032 and 2033 and the 103 million of euros, will be covered by the Fund for structural economic policy interventions. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, goes a little further, proposing that 110% of the expenses incurred until the end of 2024 must be paid to public housing that has completed 30% of the works on 31 of December 2023 (no more than 60% before June 30, 2023).

Source : IL Messaggero

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