pensions. Officials who have already reached the age of 67 and, therefore, have reached the retirement age, will be able, “voluntarily”, to remain in the service until 70 years. This is what one of the FdI amendments to the Milleproroghe decree provides, which is one of the group’s reports. The option is only valid for those who have not yet completed 36 years of contribution. However, it will be up to the individual administration to accept the request. Currently, only certain categories, such as health officials, are guaranteed the possibility of remaining in service longer.

Early retirement

Pensions, extension until 2026 of the possibility of agreements between companies and unions for the departure of employees who do not do more than seven years after meeting the requirements. The transversal amendments foresee this (two majority signed by Antonio De Poli (UDC) and first signed by Paola Mancini (FdI) and one by opposition signed by Marco Lombardo (Azione/Iv).

The mechanism

The mechanism is the payment by the employer of a benefit equal to the amount of the pension and the payment of the contribution to the INPS and, when it is fully operational, it can only be applied to workers who meet the retirement requirements in the following four years, but the budget The 2018 law had provided for the seven-year extension from 2018 to 2023.

The Lombardo amendment provides for the condition that the agreements stipulate that at least 50% of the new hires are people under 40 years of age.

Source : IL Messaggero

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