Superbonus 110, the transfer starts again thanks to the banks: deduction in 10 years for those who have given up the bill discount

The first to come out would be Bpm. But all the other big names are set to follow close behind. The banks buy back the credits of the super bonus in order to “unfreeze” the 19,000 million euros of invoices that have been stuck in the fiscal drawers of the companies. In short, government moral suasion would have worked. For weeks, the Ministry of Economy and the Tax Agency have maintained, data in hand, that banking entities still had room on their balance sheets to buy credits. A space quantified by the director of the Agency Ernesto Maria Ruffini at 7,200 million for banks and more than 10 for insurance companies. Treasury has celebrated with “satisfaction” the positive responses of the main financial entities, which has judged the collaboration that began several weeks ago as “constructive”. The banks, of course, have also received assurances that changes to the decree will arrive on Monday capable of safeguarding their balance sheets and that will allow the problem of problematic loans to be resolved definitively so that they can restart work.

In short, the solution would be within reach. “I think it is reasonable that positive news will arrive in the coming days due to the layoffs created by previous governments,” the Minister of Economy assured. Giancarlo Giorgetti, speaking in question time in the Senate. The councilor recalled that “the decision taken by the government last February 16 foresees the transitional discipline that will allow continuing to exercise the options of invoice discount and transfer of credit for all the interventions for which there had already been applications submitted. The so-called exodus – added Giorgetti – already existed on that date, this government certainly did not create them, but the decrees adopted previously. The government – the minister stressed – has approved the decree-law that wants to give certainties and we continue to work even behind the scenes, aware that, for those who have already fallen into this trap and find themselves with stranded credits not because of our decree, ‘must find a solution. We will commit to the last moment because these are business families who in good faith believed in the initial misleading messages of free for all.’ Giorgetti defended the government’s decisions. “It must not be denied – acknowledged the head of the Ministry of Economy – that the Superbonus has provided an impetus to recovery and work but it has created credits for 120,000 million euros which are debts that the State will have to pay in the coming years”.

Awaiting a solution on the 19,000 million problematic loans (on the table is the hypothesis of using the F24 to offset tax debts and the transformation of the surplus charged to the banks in Btp), the commission of The Treasury of the Chamber has started the examination of the modifications to the Superbonus Decree which approves a series of initial corrections to the text, also the result of the reformulations presented by the speaker, Andrea De Bertoldi (FdI), which has been shown ” satisfaction” for the climate of collaboration that was created. to the commission on a difficult decree such as that of bonuses. Thus, among other things, the maintenance of the credit transfer and the discount on the invoice was granted for the interventions to overcome and eliminate architectural barriers. Green light also to the possibility of accessing the credit-discount transfer mechanism in the invoice for variations of the works agreed upon after last February 16 (date of entry into force of the Legislative Decree, with the relative tightening of the tax benefit ). The solution has also been accepted, based on the self-certifications of the parties, which will allow taxpayers to benefit from the bonus for free building interventions (boilers and accessories) started before the block imposed by the Legislative Decree.

The Ministry of Economy is working to extend the discount on bills for up to 10 years, also for those who have chosen the deduction tool to take advantage of the super bond. It was the undersecretary who explained it Federico Freni at the end of the Finance Committee meeting.

“We are working – announced Freni – to also include the deductions that are discounted on their own, without adhering to the discount on the bill or the transfer of credit for a period of 10 years.” An extension from the current 4 years that would allow access to tax credits even for those with lower incomes.

Source : IL Messaggero

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