“I dare not imagine the members of Giulia’s family. I don’t want to imagine… Mother Loredana is a fantastic person. Alessandro is a monster, I know. I’m sorry, as a mother, but I don’t know what to do. I apologize for having a child like that, I apologize to the whole family.” In the cameras of La Vita in Diretta, the program of Ray 1 directed by Alberto Matano, speaks through tears the mother From Alexander Impagnetiellothe man accused of killing Julia Tramontano, 7 months pregnant with her son. His name is Sabrina Paulishe is 54 years old and originally from Cagliari.

The conversation between Alessandro and his mother

«Ale was not so believe me. I don’t know what happened. I still don’t believe it, I don’t believe it. I always believed Alessandro, because he was very believable. I said to him ‘Ale, do you have to tell me something?’, it was me and him alone, ‘Do you have to tell me something, Ale?’. He said ‘No, I don’t have to tell you anything… Mum you trust me’, he said, ‘you have to trust me, you have to trust me’. How can I not believe? Also because Ale was like that, that’s why I trusted him. How do you do it, someone who tells you and then you know it’s your child. He’s a monster and I’ll always repeat it, he’s a monster… He’s always been a polite person, then he hid but we didn’t know, if he had a double personality we didn’t know.».

The suspects

Impagnetiello’s mother also talks about the moment she began to have suspicions about her son, revealing that he was «when coroners didn’t release him, they detected things in the machine. I said “something is wrong”. And I said to my other son “there’s something weird here” but I always hoped it wasn’t. Giulia doesn’t go out. How come Giulia doesn’t come out? and kept saying, “Let’s hope it’s not what I think.” Then my other son reassured me and said “but no, mother, but why, Ale, you see he is very sincere, don’t you?” I don’t believe it’ he said, ‘I don’t believe it Ale…no’».

The two personalities

When asked why her son killed Giulia and her nephew, the woman replies: «He’s gone mad, he’s gone mad. I don’t know, he has two personalities, for me he has two personalities. I don’t know what reason to give, it’s another person, we don’t believe him, we don’t believe him because for me he has a double personality. Alexander in one way and Alexander in another. And Alessandro as we know him is a beautiful person, the monster he was is that person inside him. And he brought it up the other night. I never saw it again and I may never want to see it again. How do I see it? I don’t know if I’ll ever go, I’ll take her stuff, yes, but I won’t go see her today, I won’t go see her today».


No forgiveness

There is no forgiveness, says Impagnetiello’s mother. «No, how do you forgive? Then it was Alessandro, yes, but it is unforgivable. why did you do that You didn’t have to, you didn’t have to Alessandro. You ruined everyone’s life». The interview ends with an appeal. «Alessandro, please tell the whole truth, you can’t run away from anything now. You have ruined everyone, everyone, you must tell the whole truth, because we all deserve it. Giulia included, with Thiago, especially Thiago. Your son, who you will never see again, will never be there again, and you will never see Giulia again because what you do, you did, you sucked. you are a monster Unfortunately you are a monster. It’s the truth, it’s your mother who tells you. you are a monster».

Source : IL Messaggero

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