The Room athat is to say, the possibility that after the birth the newborn stays in the same room as the mother, is fundamental for the bond between mother and child, but as she explains Antonio Lanzonedirector of the midwives area of ​​the Gemelli Polyclinic of Rome “it is not mandatory and must be done in safe conditions.”

Why is it important for the newborn to stay close to the mother?
“The room is a clinical condition that has been classified as best practice in the mother-child relationship. It essentially creates functional and psychological conditions of connection between the two, which are absolutely essential in the future not only physical but psychic relationship. Bonding, meaning that the baby with the uncut umbilical cord is immediately attached to the mother’s breast, is also essential. Skin-to-skin contact is absolutely essential for the optimal development of the mother-child relationship.”
But under what conditions should it be done?
“The room requires a companion. At the Gemelli hospital, for example, we have done this by renovating individual rooms, so that the carer can sleep with the pregnant woman. So it can be done all night, or just during the day. In any case, when the caregiver is not there, the newborn is transferred to the nursery. After breastfeeding, the newborn must be placed in the crib.”

Is the room mandatory?
“Absolutely not. As with all medical practices, there is no mandatory action, but informed consent is required. If the mother does not agree, the newborn goes to nursery school.”

What if the mother changes her mind?
“If the mother takes him to the nursery and wants to nurse him at night, we have a system whereby nursery nurses accompany the newborn. I repeat, there is no mandatory Rooming».

Source : IL Messaggero

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