Francesca Fagnani, Luisella Costamagna and the (venomous) response to Ballando: “Dear, I did the research and how”

Vitriolic exchange between Luisella Costamagna and Francesca Fagnani after statements made by the presenter of Beasts in an interview with Il Messaggero. Some answers of the journalist, who will be a co-presenter in Sanremo 2023, ended up in the eye of the storm when she was asked about her possible participation in Dancing with the stars. “Dancing with the stars? I wouldn’t do it, even if I liked it – said Fagnani – I’m a journalist and certain choices would take away the strength of what I like to do the most”. And then he added: “Was Luisella wrong Costamagna? No. She didn’t do research, she directed the study.”

Costamagna’s response, winner of the last edition of Ballando, did not take long. Costamagna thought it was appropriate to respond to Francesca Fagnani with a post published on Twitter, in which he tagged her: “Dear Francesca Fagnani, as you must know, the direction of studies is journalism (and I did the research and how). However, I assure you that, if the substance is there, it is certainly not what weakens him Dancing with the stars #PerLaPrecisione».

At that time Fagnani wanted to clarify: “You were right to participate in Ballando, which I follow with great pleasure, everyone chooses what they think suits them. No one questions your professional and objective journalistic qualities.” Answer that Costamangna shared, launching a final answer: “Thank you. That would have been a perfect answer for the interview.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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