“I know him cancer to the pancreas does not forgive, but not to be abandoned like this». There is as much anger as pain in the words of Horace Cao, husband of Paola Luisa, interrupted on Monday at the age of 58, in five months, by a devastating neoplasm, however diagnosed late according to the spouse, who decided to file a complaint. The woman, born and lived until 22 years in Martellago, settled then Favaro where she lived until last summer and was well known, having also worked for twenty years as a waitress at the Alla Pesa restaurant, to finally move to Ospedaletto (Tv), where she was assisted by her husband and his daughter Ginevra, with the support of operators from the Advar association.


Paola Luise in June began to feel increasingly intense pains in the abdomen and stomach and to lose weight, “symptoms that should have alerted the doctors of the emergency department where we went four times between the end of July and August, once in Angelo.” three at Ca’ Foncello di Treviso”, complains the husband – Only in one case did a doctor tell us to book an urgent CT scan, but the first appointment was on September 7th. We had to do it in private.” Only with the result of the examination, on August 30, the patient was admitted to Ca’ Foncello, “but then there was nothing else to do. We also turned to specialized centers, among them Milan. I don’t know if her fate would have changed, but she could have been treated better, maybe she could have lived a little longer and in any case you can’t leave a person so at the mercy of evil”, accuses Orazio Cao who pretends. to get to the bottom of it Paola Luise’s funeral on Friday at 10 in the Martellago church.

Source : IL Messaggero

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