Guidonia twins, birthday parties in Sanremo: “How far we’ve come”

The Guidonia Twins prepare their bags for Sanremo in front of Messaggero’s cameras. And they do it by explaining all the excitement of a comedy group that, in recent years, has consolidated itself in the hearts of the Italian public. From birthday parties and weddings to the Sanremo Festival. Moving on to the audience hits at the Fiore kiosk (Fiorello, the man who discovered them), “Tu si que vales” to the victory of “Tale e Quali Show 2021″. From the summer of 2022, the Gemelli di Guidonia host the radio and television show, broadcast on Rai Radio Due and Rai Due, Happy Family with Ema Stokholma. A great success that reaches a 6% share, also reconfirmed for the winter season. On the occasion of Sanremo, the boys, with Ema, take out Ariston’s program with the spin-off Happy Sanremo. In addition, they have been entrusted with the management of the Suzuki Stage (the stage in Piazza Colombo) as part of the initiative “Between the stage and the city. The Sanremo festival that comes out of the Ariston”. Five excellences of Italian music will perform here: Piero Pelù, Francesco Renga and Nek, Achille Lauro, Annalisa and the Representative of Lista. In addition, the Gemelli di Guidonia are on tour until the end of March in all the main Italian theaters with their show Tre x2 between radio and television. A lot of music, comedy and attention to current affairs is their trademark that they bring to a show tailored for them”

Source : IL Messaggero

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