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Tinto Brass: “All my actresses have loved me, from Stefania Sandrelli to Deborah Caprioglio. I never bothered anyone on set.”


Tinto Brass turns 90 on March 26. In recent years he has come to terms with a brain bleed, a stroke and two strokes. And now he reviews his life, that of a director who raised generations of desire among the children of the 80s and 90s. A widower of his first wife, he lives with Caterina, his second wife, in a town near La Cassia from Rome “But Venice, where I grew up, I miss a lot. When I die, I would like them to scatter my ashes in the lagoon”, says al Corriere della Sera.


He has two children, Bonifacio and Beatrice. “The daughter loves me. I don’t see the son, he has another round. We went together on a boat, but there was already a conflicting relationship». The same as he had with his father. m “I had heard him little before he died and said to me, “We need to talk.” I’m sorry I didn’t do it in time.”


“All my actresses loved me. Anna, admire yourself. Very very good. He said he will come to see me soon, he never refused me. Stephanie Sandrelli. Great actress. For La Chiave I was offered Sandrelli who was a kind of forgotten. She was great with me. She came recently, it was an exciting afternoon. Deborah Caprioglio. I fought my first wife for her. She was very warm and nice. And free, very free.”

And Anna Galiena? “He didn’t love me. On the first day of shooting, at the end of the first scene, I put my hands on his breasts, he electrocuted me. The film went ahead anyway, but the relationship didn’t work out. But she was the one who proposed.”

But he wants to clarify: “I have never bothered anyone on set. Who was consenting to it, but always off the set. They made plans for later.”

Source : IL Messaggero



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