Chef releases cockroaches at pub where he worked: ‘My ex-boss still had to pay me for my holidays’

one chef he has released about twenty Beatles in the pub kitchen where he worked after falling out with his former boss unpaid vacation. For now, the man will not go to prison. On October 11 during a discussion about vacation pay Tom Williamsaged 25, threatened his boss to release the insects and after two days carried out the ‘release’ at The Royal William IV pub in LincolnUnited Kingdom.

What happened?

Mr. Eagerthe pub owner, said: “He came into the club and released a large number of cockroaches – this is a non-native species used to feed snakes and tarantulas.”

Pub staff immediately called health and pest control, and the premises were then locked down. British sources write that the pub paid 22,000 pounds to its insurance company to cover the damage caused.

Pub owner Eager said: “The effect it has had on staff and families is fantastic. Not only on the company’s finances but also on the rest of the Royal William team – colleagues of the kitchen are very angry about what happened”.

the consequences

Williams was scheduled to be arraigned on Nov. 21, but failed to appear. November 28 pleaded guilty of theft with intent to cause criminal damage to the pub and failure to deliver.

Williams was angry because he needed to of money to support their childof which he has had exclusive custody since the age of 23, and this gave rise to the dispute.

But Justice Knight said: “You are very immature despite your age. Your child and society in general could benefit from your growth.” Judge Knight asked Williams: “Do you want to change?” Williams replied, “Yes.”

The judge then asked, “Do you want to see me again?” Williams said, “No.” “Good answer,” said Judge Knight. The 25-year-old was sentenced to 17 months in prison with two-year suspension. Judge Knight added: “This is your last chance. If you break it, I’ll put it back on you”

Source : IL Messaggero

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