Pedophiles lure minors to the Dark Web by “selling” the unobtainable drink Prime

Action against kidnapping, The English agency specialized in the control and protection of minors has declared that many pedophiles attract children and teenagers with a trap: the energy drink first. The drink has become almost impossible to get United Kingdom and many children enter dark web to find it: but in that dark part of the internet, there are many bad guys.

Since the unique drink created by YouTube superstars Logan Paul and Ksi was launched last year, demand for bottles of the drink has skyrocketed as has the price online. Google searches on Prime have increased by 789% in the last period.

Maximum attention

Talking to the Sun, Geoff News of Action Against Abduction explained: “Online forums have really changed the nature of these crimes. The most important thing to remember is that simply warning children about strangers probably won’t work. Children go online to meet and connect with peopleand the concept of an outsider is quickly lost, especially in the face of a powerful call.’

Many citizens have wondered how it is possible for children to enter the Dark Web: “First of all, we are not dealing with small children but with teenagers who often know how to use computer channels better than adults. Then the Dark Web is not the only source: even in a social network, despite the controls, pedophiles can come into contact with our children”.

Source : IL Messaggero

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