Sample missiles, how much it costs and how the long-range missile system works

Now there is a date. It is the spring of 2023, when Italy I France will deliver toUkraine the anti-aircraft-anti-missile system Sam/T in Kyiv This was announced by a note from the Defense after a telephone conversation held in the afternoon between the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto and the French Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu, in which the technical details for the shipment were defined of the missile system that “will allow Ukraine to defend itself against attacks by Russian drones, missiles and aircraft”.

Sample missiles, how they work

The main issue concerns the acquisition of some components of the Samp/T, which is a medium-range and quick-reaction time device against air threats (intercepts aircraft within a radius of 100 kilometers) and short-range tactical ballistic missiles range (within 25 kilometers). The Italian armed forces are equipped with five batteries of these systems, which have already been used in both training and operational activities, such as when one of these was deployed in Rome to monitor the capital’s skies on the occasion of Extraordinary Jubilee Just one of these weapons, with the same missiles, would cost a total of about 750 million.

Financial support

Italy would have to bear about a third of the cost of each individual system. It cannot be ruled out that economic support will soon arrive from the Union to the European countries that are helping Ukraine: at the beginning of December it was announced that the budget of the European Peace Fund would increase by two billion euros, for a total expenditure . of 5,500 million until 2027. This mechanism, with which the European Union finances peacekeeping operations, would make it possible to reimburse – with part of the fund – the member states that send weapons autonomously to Kyiv. Ukraine will get new weapons with the Sea Sparrow missile launcher included in the latest US aid package, which includes other artillery components and armored vehicles worth about three billion dollars on the list. To these, the shipment of Ifv Marder tanks from Germany could be added in the coming days.

Source : IL Messaggero

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