Mattarella’s message: “Italy in solidarity”. Crowd in the Quirinal

President Mattarella was widely acclaimed in Piazza Venezia, when he went to lay the laurel wreath at the chapel of the Unknown Soldier. And applause, pop shouts (“President, we feel safe in your hands”), certificates of appreciation of all kinds (some people wave their photo) while the head of state watches the parade with Meloni and all the other Fori Imperiali and while going up and down the Quirinal in his car or simply going to visit for almost two hours the citizens (2000 people, mostly elderly and disabled) who visit the gardens of the Colle opened for the occasion on June 2 . Where people applaud Mattarella and gather around him: “Thank you for what you are doing for us”. And he: “Welcome to the Quirinal”.

Selfies, the president’s signature on the copies of the Constitution, short affectionate dialogues and every Roman curtain of the Colle or view of the Colle on Republic Day explain how deep are the institutional bond and the sentimental connection between Italians and their maximum. representative in his second current seven-year term. The fundamental fragment of his speeches yesterday is the one in which the Head of State insists on the “strength of the law that must not be replaced by the law of the strongest”.

Words referring to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also, more generally, to what Mattarella considers essential for a democracy: knowing how to protect everyone, defend the people – to whom one belongs but also to others – and not allow no one. trample on rights and freedoms. The key to the widespread popularity, reaffirmed by the scenes of this June 2, that the president enjoys lies precisely in his way of acting as everyone’s guarantor and arbiter. As the owner of a soft and unpompous force whose core lies in the continuous ideal and practical confirmation of the centrality of Italy in the European fabric and in the insistence on the still vital thrust of our Constitution based on solidarity, cohesion, unity (rather than autonomy). !). Mattarella wrote in his message to the Chief of the Defense Staff, Giuseppe Cavo Dragone: “The values ​​of the election of June 2, 1946, transposed in the Constitutional Charter whose 75 years of life we ​​remember , continue to guide us on the way to an authorized Italy protagonist in that European Union that we have contributed to build. Freedom, equality, solidarity, respect for the rights of people and communities are fundamental pillars of our Constitution. The values ​​of which inspire the action of the Armed Forces, which contribute significantly to the security framework of our national community and to the cause of peace in the world.”


A message like this, between Italian patriotism and European patriotism, is attractive. A June 2 lived in the name of the historical awareness of a continuity to preserve and extend 77 years after the 1946 referendum in which 89 percent of Italians voted (apart from the current abstention) and for the first time also women, it seems the most appropriate. to be appreciated In fact, that was the case yesterday, and Mattarella thanked: “The warm participation of citizens in Republic Day testifies to the feeling of attachment to constitutional values ​​and affection for the Armed Forces.” The president wrote this in a message to the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto.
And to everyone, inside and outside the institutional circuit, he addressed this reasoning: “More than a year after the invasion, the Italian Republic, together with the international community, continues to bet on countering Russia’s aggression against the Ukrainian people . . Italy is firmly aligned for the defense of its freedom, territorial integrity and independence, so that there is no future in which the force of law is replaced by the law of the strongest.” In this, that is, in the absolute anchoring to the values ​​of the liberal West and in the position on the anti-Russian front, the harmony between the Quirinal and the government is particularly evident. But it is a bit of everything – net of the differences of cultural character and obviously of role between Mattarella and Meloni – that for the moment the institutional relationship is working. It must also be for this reason – a healthy popular will to see collaboration and not confrontation at the forefront of politics – that there was applause yesterday.

Source : IL Messaggero

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