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Pinelli: “I am independent, my beacon is the Constitution”

«I thank the political party that thought they could spend and invest with a candidacy for Parliament in an apolitical and independent figure. I will try to fulfill my duty by keeping the values ​​of the Constitution high”. This is what the vice-president of the CSM said Fabio Pinelliin a brief statement to reporters.

Best wishes from Prime Minister Meloni

The President of the Council, Georgia Meloniaddressed to the lawyer Fabio Pinelli, recently elected vice-president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, his best wishes for an excellent job, in the certainty of loyal collaboration with the government to improve justice in Italy.

Pinelli: “I will direct all my behavior in the interest of the country”

«I will direct all my behavior in the interest of the country with the guidance and beacon of the President of the Republic» Said the new vice-president of the CSM Fabio Pinelli. “I am honored by the role you have recognized me,” said Pinelli, among other things, who expressed “great emotion” because “I am aware of the heavy responsibility.”

Pinelli, the professional career

Lawyer for several members of the League, but also a partner with Luciano Violante of the Leonardo Foundation and ItaliaDecide, an association for the quality of public policies. The new vice-president of the CSM Fabio Pinelli he has a reputation as a technician with transversal political relationships. Graduated in Law from the University of Milan, since 1997 he has been registered with the Court of Padua and since 2010 also with the special register of lawyers admitted to practice before the Court of Cassation and other higher jurisdictions. He specializes in economic criminal law but his defense activity is varied. He is the lawyer of Armando Siri, who as undersecretary of the government of Conte 1 was forced to resign due to a corruption investigation, and of Luca Merisi, the former social media guru of the League. And help Luca Zaia’s Veneto region in the maxi essay on Pfas pollution in the provinces of Vicenza, Verona and Padua. He is also the lawyer of Paolo Berizzi, the Repubblica journalist subject to strong threats and defamation. And before the Constitutional Court he represents the Senate in the conflict with the Florence prosecutors in charge of the open investigation against Matteo Renzi. All the procedures that will now necessarily have to leave.

Mattarella to Pinelli: “Now he is a benchmark”

The vice-president of the CSM “has the task of promoting cohesion: with your election you have become the landmark of the whole board”. The President of the Republic has said: Sergio Mattarellaat the extraordinary session of the CSM Plenary following the election of Fabio Pinelli to the new vice-president of the Csm.“The Council is called to significant objectives and I am sure that it will address them objectively and concretely”, Mattarella also said, who recalled that “professionals and non-professionals are only distinguished by their origin”.

Pinelli, the first words: “We try to be credible”

“We try to be credible, transparent, never biased in the interests of the country.” This is what the new vice-president of the CSM, Fabio Pinelli, said, speaking after his election. Pinelli is a criminal lawyer. He was born in Lucca, he is 57 years old. He studies in Padua and teaches Environmental Criminal Law at Ca’ Foscari in Venice.

Pinelli, vice-president of the CSM with 17 votes

Fabio Pinelli, a lay member of the League, is the new vice-president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary. He was elected by the plenum, chaired by the head of state Sergio Mattarella, in the third vote, with 17 votes, against the 14 that went for Roberto Romboli, of the Pd. A white card. At the end of the scrutiny, the president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, therefore proclaimed Pinelli vice-president.

Elected Pinelli

the lawyer Fabio Pinelliexpression of the League, is the new vice-president of the CSM and is therefore the successor of David Ermini.

Csm, Unicost togates will support Romboli

The Unicost councilors will support Roberto Romboli, the candidate of the Democratic Party for the vice-presidency of the CSM in the session that began at the Palazzo dei Marescialli, presided over by the Head of State. Romboli could thus count on a starting point of 14 votes, equal to that of the candidate of the League, the lawyer Fabio Pinelli. The constitutionalist should have the votes of the 6 togatas of Area, the 2 of the Democratic Judiciary and the layman of the M5 Michele Papa. Which would allow him to go to the third vote, although, as hypothesized, the pg and the first president of the Cassation support him. On Pinelli’s side there would be the starting point of the 7 votes of the Independent Justice and the 7 center-right laymen, to which the vote of Renziano layman Ernesto Carbone could be added. The required quorum is 17 votes in the first two votes and a simple majority in the third

Second black smoke

The second vote also failed. Fabio Pinelli had 15 votes, Romboli 12 and five blank ballots. An absolute majority is needed in the first round: 17 votes. After the third vote, however, a relative majority is sufficient.

Csm, ok qualification verification: the resolution validating the election of all directors is approved

The resolution of the Qualifications Verification Commission is approved, not unanimously, but with a vote against ruled out the ineligibility of Roberto Romboli and other lay members. This is how the independent director expressed it Andrew Mirendawhich is therefore excluded from supporting Romboli’s candidacy.

Di Romboli (who is part of the qualifications verification committee) was hypothesized to be ineligible, due to the fact that he is retired. But the Qualifications Verification Commission has established that “the current regulatory framework does not prevent the ineligibility as a member of the CSM of a retired full professor of legal subjects”.

Vice President Csm, black smoke in the first vote

Black smoke in the first vote for the vice-president of the CSM. 14 votes in favor Fabio Pinelli13 years Robert Romboli, 5 blank ballots. The quorum is also found in the following vote of 17 votes.

Source : IL Messaggero

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