On the anarchist question “We must not be divided.” This is the call launched by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni during her visit to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in berlin Meloni on the case of the anarchist Alfredo Cospito and the threats they have received from politicians and officials by the “anarchists” therefore launches an appeal to all political forces: in these matters “we must be united” and there must be “responsibility on the part of all”.

Melons in Berlin by Scholz

“We are two nations linked by a bilateral relationship that extends to almost all sectors, an association with a strong economic interconnection, two complementary economies. Our cooperation is essential for European solutions on complex issues in these times, I think of the next European Council of Ukraine and the competitiveness of the European economic system”, says Meloni in the press conference.

“Regarding migration, I am convinced that it is a challenge that we can only overcome in Europe together. It is important that we work for a common asylum system based on our values ​​of democracy and human rights, with the right balance between responsibility and solidarity,” said Scholz. “Those who do not have the right to it must be able to return to their country of origin. It must also be clear that there must be legal ways to enter the EU because we need labor in Europe.”

On the migration position, Meloni says, there is the “need to operate to prevent human trafficking and to intercept flows before they arrive.” “With the current crisis – he adds – we must focus on the fact that the migration issue is a security issue. Anyone who knows the dynamics of the Sahel, for example, knows that there are people who can turn these migrants into a weapon.”

The war in Ukraine

“I see an agreement in foreign and security policy,” the chancellor stressed. “Italy and Germany support Ukraine to defend it against Russian aggression and we are determined and united with NATO states to support Ukraine.” Confirm Meloni: “There is a strong harmony between Italy and Germany» that they have worked to support “Kyiv’s self-defense” and “will continue to do so as long as necessary.”

The economic front

“The Pnrr can be run better, in some parts, because of the priorities we have now,” Meloni stressed later in the press conference. “We must not enter into a global race for subsidies,” stressed Scholz. “On the inflation reduction law, we all agree that we must reach an agreement with the United States, and that there must not be a disadvantage for European countries. We don’t want to be treated any worse than Canada and other countries, so to speak. With regard to state aid, we have possibilities of action».

Source : IL Messaggero

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