Schlein, after the trip to Brussels the “grana” Bonaccini between group heads and secretariat: the agreement is far

The European mission is easier for Elly Schlein than the battle within the Democratic Party. It is easier for her to make promises to Sánchez and the other stiff and tired Eurosocialist leaders than to find a pax vera with the caciques of our house.
Lady Nazareno strolls leisurely in Brussels through the buildings of the EU institutions and puts on her war helmet in the meanders between Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama.
Now the mission in the EU is over and Schlein has returned to Rome.

The party within the Pd

Perhaps he would have preferred to stay in Belgium because they have Bonaccini and Guerini here, but not only them – or the internal minority to whom you can grant something and not too much – but also the club leaders of the majority, those like Andrea Orlando who believe the ‘have led to victory thanks to their current abilities and want to condition it and among these the Franciscans and many others. In fact, the leaders of the groups of the Democratic Party in the House and in the Senate must be appointed immediately and then the political secretariat – a real command post of the Nazarene – and Elly wants to get rid of the interested embraces of the various consortia. and effectively take charge of a party in which four or five mini parties. A very complicated operation.

The trip for air

A good international breath. “Elly, thanks to you, the European socialists are starting another story,” said their foreign colleagues, and she: “We will strike in the continental elections in 2024 and then I will be prime minister in Italy.” A half-hiccup as soon as he returned home: Francesco Boccia and Chiara Braga, his two loyalists destined to lead the parliamentary troops, are not at all accepted by the reformist Base or at least by part of the ex-Renziano current. To which you will cede some vice-presidents and a few more seats. But will it be enough to appease them? If she could, cosmopolitan Elly would rush back to Brussels. And instead, between today and tomorrow it will be necessary to call all the Dem parliamentarians one by one to propose the names of future group leaders. The snipers are just around the corner.
The bad mood is in the failure to award one of the two boxes to the losers. Schlein plays with the balance but the match is a babel. And on Monday he will gather the groups collectively.

The problem is that fifteen days after the inauguration of the new secretariat, the caciques that Lady Nazareno had assured them would be swept away are alive and fighting with her – or against her. In fact, his opponent in the primaries Bonaccini has called a meeting for tomorrow with the parliamentarians who supported him in the electoral campaign and many of them are talking like this while waiting for the events: “The agreement is far away”.

The names of Bonaccini

The president of the Emilia-Romagna Region wants roles for Pina Picierno, Davide Batuffi and Alessandro Alfieri. But there is no agreement. Schlein is very upset by this kind of internal negotiations, which give the impression – true – of a balkanized party and “we risk obscuring – says her – the burden of novelty that Elly represents in the eyes of the wide and democratic world whose that is. he went to vote at the viewpoints”. She must be in charge of the staircase in the secretariat. And therefore Boccia here in the Senate and the Franciscans (the currents are very much alive, in fact) Braga in the Chamber, Bonaccini already elected president, a few of the defeated men in the secretariat, a couple of new faces to corroborate the idea of ​​novelty. But what an effort!

“Elly is interested in dynamizing the party, making her voice heard outside, she is not interested in these fights”, they say. In a game of Babel where the old colonels always make agreements, discuss, recompose themselves, in a fluency of movements that could in the long run redesign the internal balance. But at the same time giving the impression that behind Elly’s promising smile – the one that is very bright and much appreciated in Brussels – there is the usual work of dem ocelots who believe that they are still in charge, even if Schlein is in charge or should be in charge.

Source : IL Messaggero

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