Lazio, Felipe Anderson points out that Milan will overcome. Of the big names facing off, only Juve came out unscathed

While Lacius he is stuck in the market for a tip and waiting for news from the exams Yetagainst him milan will still point Felipe Anderson. The Brazilian will take the Biancoceleste captain’s place in the center of the trident in a fundamental challenge. In fact, in front of the injured Rossoneri there will be the possibility of shortening even in the second position, completing a real assault in the area. champions.

Sarri’s words about Felipe Anderson

Heavy points to win Sarri who will bet everything for his student Felipe: “Felipe can do well in any role, he is a strong player. He can improve in the attack of the area – he said in the press conference – but it is close. It is strong and, unlike other years, it is also finding continuity in performance.” The growth outside is there for all to see and it owes much to the commander. In a year and a half he only gave up eight times from the 1′, but deployed it in all 73 games as Lazio coach.

Felipe’s goals in the spotlight

Felipe is Sarri’s loyalist par excellence, but now the Brazilian is ready for the jump in quality. With the touch against it bologna in Cup of Italy he scored again in three consecutive games and the last time was in October 2015 with tweezers on the bench, a technician who will face precisely the cold evening of theolympic of today With another blink, the Brazilian would outdo himself by targeting a fourth consecutive race. A possible target, however, would also certify Felipe Anderson as the bete noire of the big names. At the moment in the season they have collapsed among others, Atalanta I Rome. The only exit unscathed was the Juventus, Milan is notified. All entering the tracks Bonazzoli I He would heal remains frozen, Lazio goes all-in on Felipe as deputy Ciro.

Source : IL Messaggero

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