Lazio-Milan 4-0, overwhelming the Biancocelesti, the classification is shortened: Sarri -1 from second place. Rossoneri in crisis

93′ End of the match, Lazio has beaten Milan 4-0. Easy victory for the Biancocelesti, already ahead in the 4th minute thanks to Milinkovic, Zaccagni’s double in the 38th minute. In the second half, the trio of Luis Alberto in a penalty and Felipe Anderson’s stamp on the counterattack. Rossoneri in crisis, Sarri leaves Pioli -1. The classification, at the end of the first round, is very short.

90′ 3 minutes of added time

90′ Tonali free kick from 25 meters, deviation of the barrier, Provedel rejects

87′ Substitution for Lazio, Cataldi replaces Marcos Antonio

85′ Luis Alberto’s foul from the edge of the area, tight angle: well over the crossbar

83′ Milinkovic goes to Basic

82′ Only management of results for Lazio

79′ Change for Milan: Leao leaves, Rebic enters.

77′ Changes for Lazio: Pedro leaves, Luka Romero enters. Marusic also leaves, in his place Lazzari.

Lazio goal

75′ Lazio’s fourth goal, Felipe Anderson. Zaccagni marches down the left side, Luis Alberto serves the reverse, who rewards Felipe Anderson’s central insertion from outside the area. Ball in the net. All easy for Lazio

Lazio goal

68′ Luis Alberto displaces Tatarusanu from 11 meters. Trio of Lazio, Milan Ko

65′ Lazio’s counter-attack, Hysaj throws Felipe down the left, he launches himself and looks for the insertion of Pedro in the center, caught by Kalulu in the center of the area. The referee blows his whistle and points to the penalty spot

65′ Penalty for Lazio

62′ Saelemaekers cross contested by Hysaj and Leao, with the referee interpreting the AC Milan player’s as the last deviation. It starts from the bottom line

59′ Triple substitution for AC Milan, Saelemaekers for Messias, De Ketelaere for Brahim Diaz and Origi for Giroud

55′ Milan are much more aggressive at the start of the second half

54′ Kyaer has received a yellow card for a foul on Felipe Anderson

49′ Bennacer free kick: ball deflected by the barrier in the corner

48′ Casale has sanctioned a foul on Tonali from the center of 25 meters

45′ The second half begins

Range in progress

47′ Medium. Lazio lead 2-0 thanks to Milinkovic and Zaccagni

45′ without danger from the flag. In the meantime, 2′ recovery is allocated

45′ Luis Alberto from the center of the field draws Zaccagni on the right side. The winger breaks into the box and attempts the shot – Kyaer deflects for a corner into a slide

38′ Lazio’s goal

38′ encore from Zaccagni. The action comes from Pedro who tries to concentrate on the right, rewarding Marusic’s overlapping insertion. The winger challenges Dest, enters the box and shoots diagonally, finding the post. On the rebound, Zaccagni is the fastest of all and scores in the net. 2-0

33′ Milikovic-Savic extends Leao running in the middle of the field. just do it yellow card

31′ Zaccagni’s volley in the center of the area assisted by Milinkovic deflected by Kyaer for a corner. Also on this occasion, no danger of the flag

26′ Bennacer has received a card, he takes the ball with a gesture of nervousness after slapping Zaccagni who is penalized for a foul in the middle of the field.

25′ Slow pace in these first twenty-five minutes, the teams do not rush their respective offensive maneuvers

24′ Forced out Tomori, inside Kyaer

24′ Tomori’s muscle problems, ongoing medical treatment, player down

19′ in the evolution of the corner kick, Tonali tries the shot from distance. Provedel low tack grip

16′ Leao shoots trying to concentrate from the edge of the area: shot blocked in the mix, then play stopped for offside by Giroud

7′ Messias tries to show himself with a shot from distance, a shot deflected for a corner, without danger of a flag.

Lazio goal

Milinkovic’s 4th goal. The action begins in the middle of the field with an opening by Luis Alberto on Zaccagni, on the left side. Run at the back and low cross in the center of the area, Luis Alberto’s veil and Milinkovic’s finish in the net. Like a penalty kick. Placed, precisely. 1-0 Lazio

1′ Biancocelesti with a full team, the same for Milan who attack from the curve of Maestrelli towards the curve north in this first half

Start, beat Lazio

0′ teams in the field

Ten minutes to start

The official formation of Lazio

LATION (4-3-3): Provendel; Marusic, Casale, Romagnoli, Hysaj; Milinkovic-Savic, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Pedro, Felipe Anderson, Zaccagni

The official formation of AC Milan

MILAN (4-2-3-1): Tatarusanu, Calabria, Kalulu, Tomori, Dest; Tonali, Bennacer; Messi, Diaz, Leao, Giroud.

Source : IL Messaggero

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