Lazio, Sarri continues with the tactic: he finds Pedro, but many are managed. Patric stops, but doesn’t worry

Although it is only the second day of training during the National break, the Lacius already has the monza in the viewer. For Sarri will be prohibited from getting comfortable after the second win of the season a derby achieved second place in the classification. His team is giving the best performance in the league, so it will be essential for the manager to reset what has been done and think only about the next game. That’s why, after the two days of rest, yesterday the Commander pressed the tactic again, even more so today.

Lazio, the last of the Formello sports complex

Appointment shortly before 4 pm in the Formello field, with a group practically mixed between the first team and spring. The added goalkeeper Renzetti, the defenders Floriani Mussolini, Ruggeri and Cesari. Then the midfielder Napolitano and the striker Balde. Decisive presences to allow the tactical match at the sports center this afternoon. Compared to yesterday, Sarri has found himself in the group Peterbut lost patrick, even if the Spaniard doesn’t care. Then management continues farmhouse I prove it (this morning the protagonist of “La Lazio in the schools”). Finally, no training even for the third goalkeeper Adamoniswhile for Yet the rehabilitation phase continues and should end on Tuesday with the return to the group. Today’s team session ended with athletic work divided between those who played the most and those who played the least in the last period. A double session is scheduled for tomorrow.

Source : IL Messaggero

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