Mattarella: “Football simulations like a virus, we saw it in Qatar”

“It will be an event of great sporting importance and this message that you will send before the start will be important to show that football is not just a sport but that there are many relevant components that are not separated from social life.” This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, when he received the Inter and Fiorentina teams at the Quirinal on the eve of the final of the Italian Cup.

“I won’t be able to come – he explained – because tomorrow I will receive the president of the Republic of Angola but then I will try to watch the match. I am sure that it will be a match of a high technical and sporting level and that it will be marked by great fidelity and correctness. It is very nice to see first the exchange of greetings and then the hugs between the players of the opposing teams. Surely there will be loyalty and fairness tomorrow, without willful dangerous fouls and without simulations. The simulations – he added with a joke – are like a virus, like the Covid that has broken out around the world, as was seen in the World Cup in Qatar. But I’m sure it’s a topic that won’t be related to your meeting. I hope that the fans also respect each other, applauding whatever happens».

Source : IL Messaggero

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