Status, wages on the rise: maxi-bonuses for those who achieve “hard” targets. “Remuneration in line with the private sector”

The signature of the renewal of the has arrived contract of the 6,200 public managers for the three-year period 2019-2021. theto increase it will be 3.78% (plus 0.22% for the result) ia big bonuses for state managers who will be able to achieve particularly challenging goals. The executives with the best performance, starting with those dedicated to the projects of the Pnrr, will therefore be entitled to a 30 percent higher result remuneration. Ultimately, the new contract puts merit at the center. Thanks to the renewal, second-level managers will receive gross monthly increases of up to €195. The bar rises to 340 euros for first-level managers of ministries and reaches 390 gross monthly euros for those in charge of ENAC. The Unadis union is satisfied, but will continue to demand negotiations for separate managers from professionals.

Aran also presented yesterday the new half-yearly report on the salaries of public employees, which compares the average salary levels of the public and private sectors. Amazingly, today a young person entering the PA receives a competitive starting salary compared to the private sector. “The report shows that, from an average point of view, the salary levels of public positions are in the middle of the table”, explained the president of Aran, Antonio Naddeo.


In the Public Administrations (ministries, tax agencies, local functions) the total average gross annual remuneration of an employee is equal to 31,766 euros and is higher than that recorded in the transport and logistics sectors (31,619 euros), in publishing (30,348 euros). ) and in tourism (27,515 euros). In telecommunications the bar is slightly higher, at 32,159 euros, and rises to 34,288 euros in banks. Naddeo continues: “The economic aspect is not the only element that makes working in the PA attractive. In the public sector there is a job stability that has no equal, as it is not subject to cyclical crises or other external factors to collective redundancies and staff reductions. In addition, the PA guarantees respect for all workers’ rights, fully protected by national collective agreements. In private, this is not always the case.”

In more detail, the average gross annual fixed salary paid to a ministerial official is around 32,800 euros. For tax agencies it rises to 35,300 euros, while for local entities it stands at 29,900 euros. Some variable items are added to the fixed salary, such as overtime, productivity bonuses, hardship pay, shift or hazard pay, and per diems related to positions of greater responsibility. The weight of the variable component over the fixed varies according to the sectors: in ministries it is 14%, in tax agencies 17% and in local functions it reaches 27%. Adding the fixed and the variable, the total average salary of a ministry official reaches 37,300 euros, compared to 38,000 euros for local functions and 41,000 euros for tax agencies.

Source : IL Messaggero

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