Taxes, how it changes: goodbye to the superbollo and the flat rate for young people with NIF

Stop the car tax, lower taxes for young professionals and more time to pay taxes. Government ready to introduce a package of changes to the tax reform. Among the 639 amendments to the delegation bill presented yesterday by the parties to the Finance Committee of the Chamber (next week will proceed to admissibility and possible remedies) in fact there are some proposals on which there is already an agreement in principle between the majority forces and Palazzo Chigi. With the League, in particular, pushing for an acceleration.

The regime

In detail, progress is being made towards the implementation of a mini fixed tax for the self-employed, also extended to professional colleges and professional companies made up of people under 35. In particular, the granting of the flat rate regime to colleges professional associations, collaborations between professionals, sole proprietorships and family businesses, made up of a maximum of three professionals with a maximum age of 35, exercising regulated professions and subject to ministerial control, who have declared income or received individual payments not exceeding to 85 thousand euros per year. .
Most are also thinking about scrapping the super road tax, within a possible micro-tax cut. Since 2011, as is known, there is a tax surcharge on car tax for cars that exceed a certain kilowatt-hour threshold. In 2012, the threshold was set at €20 for each kW of vehicle power above 185 kW for a new vehicle. With increasing years of seniority, you are entitled to reductions: 60% after 5 years from the date of construction, 30% after 10 years, 15% after 15 years. The additional tax is no longer payable after twenty years from the date of construction of the car. According to current legislation, the superseal will no longer expire from January 1, 2037. The iadditional taxwhich contributes about 100 million to the treasury, was introduced with the aim of collecting more tax revenue from the owners of sports and luxury cars, a market segment that does not seem to experience any crisis and posted profits even during the toughest phase of the pandemic.

The legislation

Among the proposals presented, on which there is the general approval of the government, the installment of the fiscal advance from November to the following year. It is also spoken a possible extension of the use of the F24 as a single means of payment of any taxthe progressive abolition of fractionation, top-up and legislation on fictitious companies, the establishment of the figure of the taxpayer’s guarantor, the suspension of deadlines in the event of a request for self-defense and the introduction of the cash principle. for rental income.
Among the assumptions, an increase in the deductibility of the cost of insurance against natural disasters and support measures for birth and disability.

Source : IL Messaggero

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