The results of Poste Italiane exceeded forecasts and confirm the solidity of the choices made in the last 5 years, therefore, the time has come to complete the transformation of the Group with the second phase: the presentation of the new Strategic Plan, scheduled for the end of the year. Matteo Del Fante, CEO, interviewed by TGPoste immediately after the presentation on the market of record figures in the first half of 2023, took the opportunity to chart the course of Poste Italiane over the next three years. “This half-yearly report – explains the number one of Poste Italiane – is an opportunity to take stock and look at where we started: we had chosen certain market areas where we saw growth and positioned ourselves. The market and time have proved us right, our strategic choices – he stressed – were correct. Now we have three more years ahead of us, we have already been working intensively on the next plan for two months, which will be the second phase of the Deliver 2022 plan presented in 2018.

Del Fante has explained the strong points of the solidity of the results achieved – a record operating margin of 1,600 million with a turnover of more than 6,000 million euros – and on which he intends to base his future strategy.

First of all, he said, “we have positioned ourselves in the package market where we continue to grow in a very competitive environment. The second area was digital payments: we have become the largest operator in the country, consider that almost 40% of online payments in Italy are made with a Postepay. In addition, added Del Fante, with financial services we have reaffirmed the stability, security and historical reliability of Poste Italiane, improving the insurance offer and working with CDP on postal savings”. Finally, the CEO of Poste Italiane wanted to thank the employees for the successes achieved: “This year more than 5,000 people have joined Poste Italiane with indefinite contracts. Our almost 120,000 employees are everything to us. Managers can lead the way, but results only come from the participation of our colleagues, who take pride in doing their jobs well. It is thanks to them – he articulated – that we have exceeded our goals”.

Source : IL Messaggero

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