Short film, the police presents “Very particular signs”

The projection that will take place on the last evening of the festival – which opened on March 21 – within the “Special Events” section marks a landing point of a path desired by the Department of Public Security aimed at using visual channels more modern communication that led to the conception and realization of the project with Alessandro Parrello as producer with West 46th Films and with Maddalena Mayneri and Roberto Ciufoli. “Very particular signs”, says a note, is a hymn to inclusion and the value of diversity: Laura, the protagonist, is a swimming champion, blind from birth who, having joined the Police as a technical officer, at the end of his brilliant sports career at the Fiamme Oro Sports Group, he will be employed in a police station, thus starting a new and stimulating professional career. Gifted with great intuition and empathy, Laura will prove to be a valuable resource for the police station and will be able, with the help of her colleagues, to solve a mysterious case. With “Very particular signs” the proximity to the most fragile and inclusion are delicately explained in an ironic and deep key by the protagonists Federica De Benedittis, Roberto Ciufoli, Massimo Wertmüller, Simone Colombari, Niccolò Gentili, Daniela Morozzi, Lidia Vitale and Alessandro Parrello who also is the director Last January, the State Police concluded the selection of the first 14 Paralympic athletes, giving them the opportunity to become full-fledged police officers. Thanks to this competition, in fact, all Paralympic athletes, once recruited and included in the sports groups of the State Police “Fiamme Oro Paralympic Section”, at the end of their sports career, for the first time in the history of status Police, will be hired again as Police in technical functions. Permanent recruitment is unique to the Armed Forces and Police Paralympic sports groupings and will undoubtedly help to strengthen the link between the athletes and the institution. Today, at the Hotel De La Poste, a meeting was held between representatives of the Office of Communication of the Department of Public Security and the cast of “Segni molto particular”: in this circumstance the peculiarities were illustrated of the short film and has focused on the institutional collaboration of the activities of the State Police in the cinema and fiction sectors.

Source : IL Messaggero

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