Lagazuoi Wima, the winners of the new edition of the prize dedicated to innovation in the mountains

Lagazuoi winner of the Ideas Mountain awards announced the winners of the fourth edition by selecting companies, startups and communities that have used the potential of the mountain in the best possible way to achieve new solutions. Testing materials with unique characteristics, building new forms of sociality, testing digitalization paradigms, identifying paths not yet chosen.

This year the Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti exhibition center prize is enriched with a new feature, a window dedicated to communication. These are two special awards, Lagazuoi Wima, which value the best journalistic services dedicated to the highlands. The first was created in collaboration with Gis, the Association of Italian Ski Journalists, and the second with Gist, the Italian Tourism Press Group. A way to overturn the usual narrative linked to the mountain, too often flattened into clichés from postcards or simple leisure areas and to enhance the history of a living territory anchored in the contemporary, modern and creative. Journalists who were able to grasp these aspects and highlight them appropriately were awarded, in order to spread an idea of ​​the mountain as a place of renewal and virtuous interaction between man and the environment.

The exhibition of the winning projects will open on Saturday, April 1, 2023 at Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti in Cortina and will remain open until Easter Monday, April 10. It will then reopen with the start of the summer season in June and will be on display until March 2024.

The winning projects

Mountain clothing and equipment category

Winner: Neyland Quilted Jacket by Vaude

Waste becomes precious raw materials for the new Vaude jacket model. The basic material, a recycled polyamide, is produced from tires at the end of their useful life, with a process that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60%. And with PET plastic bottles, the inner lining is very insulating and warm. With these and other features, the new Vaude jacket, with an informal and contemporary design, is ready to face a weekend in the mountains, facing the wind, the rain and the cold.

Mountain Services and Apps category

Winner: South Tyrol Farmfluencers

Far from clichés, the first farmer influencers were born: from the farms of Trentino and the surrounding area, a new way of explaining rural life takes its rhythm. An independent network of agricultural rebels and revolutionaries in South Tyrol produces content – ​​including podcasts and short films – that is bilingual and accessible to a wide audience. Farmfluencers ironically appropriate the codes and languages ​​of social media to promote a fresh new narrative, a source of inspiration for the new generation.

Mountain Food and Wine Productions category

Winner: Roccaverano School

Dairy farmers become masters. In the central square of Roccaverano, the highest town in the province of Asti, inside a classroom of the old primary school, the first showroom dedicated to the famous Robiola DOP cheese was born. At the Scuola della Roccaverano, a documentation center, you can listen to the stories of the producers, go out to discover the farmhouses and taste itineraries, discover the different ages of this unique specialty, winner of the Italian cheese awards in the “fresh” category. in 2021.

The special awards dedicated to communication

Gis Special Award – Italian ski journalists

Wins the service of Francesca Sancin, broadcast on Tg3 on September 25, 2022. A balanced study, free of clichés, which explains how those who work in the mountains constantly experience solutions to adapt to the environmental context. In this report, the mountain qualifies as a place of innovation and confidence in the future.

Gist Special Award – Italian Tourist Press Group

The winner is the article by Chiara Todesco, published on December 11, 2022 in La Stampa, entitled “From plants to initiatives in alpine resorts: six virtuous cases of green mountains”. The text is a review of virtuous projects and positive, eco-sustainable and technological paths that different mountain resorts are undertaking, underlining the innovative potential of those who work in the mountains.

Source : IL Messaggero

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