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The death toll is rising


Bad weather Emilia-Romagna. The number of victims has increased in recent hours. The region ends up under water again while the bad weather doesn’t seem to want to give a break. Nine hundred people evacuated, rivers in flood, blocked sewers, hundreds of Fire and Civil Protection interventions.

There are at least eight victims of the flood that affected the Romagna area. Among these, three people died in Forlì (one in via Firenze, two others in the Cava district), one overwhelmed by a landslide in the Cesenate area and two spouses who died in Ronta di Cesena. While the husband was found in the house where they lived and where they had a farm, the wife was found on the beach of Zadina in Cesenatico, dragged by the fury of the Savio for more than twenty kilometers. It is feared that the budget may increase.

Victims of Ronta

Husband and wife couple who died on the road to Ronta, a village in the municipality of Cesena that develops along the Via Ravennate, within the “Ravennate” district, to the right of the Savio river, about 6 km from the center of the city that now has the shape of a river. Via Boscone near the farmhouse “I bosconi” in Ronta di Cesena has turned into a stream, after the flood that initially submerged Masiera Terza. The areas of Ronta and San Martino in Fiume are the most affected. The tragic death of Sauro Manuzzi took place here, with his wife Palma Maraldi – known as Marinella – who is missing, but is now presumed dead.

The wife of the 70-year-old man who died overnight in Ronta di Cesena, an area affected by the flooding of the Savio river, is the woman’s body found in the morning on Zadina beach on the north coast from Cesenatico. The woman had been missing since yesterday evening. The body was swept away by the impetuous current of the Savio River: it is about 20 kilometers between Ronta di Cesena and Cesenatico. The couple may have left the house to go to the nearby farm they manage and which is active in the production and collection of aromatic herbs, spices and edible flowers.

Source : IL Messaggero



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