Flood in Emilia-Romagna, Little Steven: “Bruce’s silence in Ferrara? We knew nothing.” The response on Twitter

The emergency a Emilia Romagna? “We didn’t know anything about it.” Word by Stevie Van Zandt, better known as Little Stevenamong the members of the E-Street Band and right arm of Bruce Springsteen: the guitarist, just over a week after the controversial concert in the urban park of Ferrarathus responding to a comment from a fan on Twitter who asked him why no word came from the stage for the populations affected by the flood.

The question on social networks

“I know you as a man and artists of great values. An honest man – the fan wrote – but above all a free man. I attended the Ferrara show. Is it true that you, Bruce and the BSE knew nothing about the emergency in Emilia-Romagna, about the heavy floods near Ferrara, about the fifteen displaced people? I can’t believe you knew about this tragedy and no one on stage said anything because they know your heart, your spirit, your faith – absolutely impossible.”

The response of Van Zandt, who shared the stage with the Boss for more than three hours of the concert, while the audience expected at least a greeting, a wish or a word of encouragement for the Romanians, leaves no room for interpretation and will probably reopen a new debate about the concert on May 18. “We didn’t know anything about it,” replied little Steven succinctly, who then adds: “All we heard was that the workers had to work overtime because the place was a big puddle of mud due to the rain (hence the decision to open the doors almost four hours later than originally planned, ed). That was all.” Therefore, it is conceivable that the Chief’s silence came because he was not informed of what was happening: possible new controversies in the coming hours are not excluded.

Source : IL Messaggero

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