Nuclear Tactical Penguins, the concert in Rome and the poster. Young aspirants, the magical night of the Olympic challenge

The empty stage. The audience was shouting to call the band. Then, recited by a voice-over, some “fake news”, in a funny reference to the last album, fake news note: “The concert was cancelled, the band had an accident with the van”. “The instrument has been stolen.” And while the spectators play with each other to invent other news, the first notes are heard. “I want to fly light thinking it’s a game”, the leader Riccardo Zanotti sings Zen under a ladder, the band plays two meters above him.

Restless, scenographic, spectacular, this is how the concert opened yesterday evening, selling out 60,000 tickets sold – by Nuclear tactical penguins at the Olympic The band from Bergamo, born in 2010 and emerging in Sanremo 2020 with Ringo Starr, has come a long way, reaching the point of being able to afford the luxury of conquering stadiums. After the sold out dates in Milan, the first night in Rome was also sold out. And the bill is almost there already about 120,000 tickets for the two dates to achieve the same goal tonight, when the Penguins return to the stage. Enthusiasm is strong. Zanotti greets the fans, in an imitation Roman accent.


So here they are Young aspirants who sing – is the second song of the formation “Take me where you want, just stay away from me”, but now they lead the game. The mechanism is that of a great show: two hours of music, 24 songs, between moments of pure entertainment all standing in the stands and others on the move. “We have a starting lineup,” he announced Zanotti. “There are songs taken from all the albums, we’ve had multiple audiences over the years, they’ve also changed because we’ve gone from rock-metal, to indie to pop, a little less mainstream, and therefore it’s nice because this audience is multifaceted, and the poster shows it.”

Without vanity and the whims of fame, the live show becomes a kind of party, where you dance, sing, jump and let yourself be carried away in parallel realities, among videos, fireworks, flames. Here’s Tetris. Then, Hold On, with the invitation (collected) to the audience to have a tattoo done by a professional on stage. Many candidates, eager to have a phrase from the song on their skin: one of the lucky ones, Valeria, presented as a historical fan.

Among the successes, Bergamo, written during the pandemic for his city. For Coca-Cola Zero the screen comes to life with the image of the black cat on the single’s cover playing with a balloon. At the microphone Zanotti also leaves room for the other members of the band. Because there are many stories to tell. The roles are changed, the foreground is conquered, a step back. The staging is articulated. On Lake Washington Boulevard, the tribute is to Kurt Cobain and the song closes with the sound of a gunshot, Zanotti on the ground, who then talks about “not being”.

From the race between hits we move to the more intimate atmosphere of Giulia, sung around a table. Boxes and Cena di Classe also fly in acoustic mode. Then he daydreams again, with Irene, Croatian dentist, Antarctica, with the frozen screen, Freddie. In between, the surprise of Zanotti who, with the guitar, sings the beginning of Antonello Venditti’s Notte before the exams and then Stage Diving.


It’s a long run, which takes the “break” of a medley to dance and then returns to the singles arriving at Steal me the night – the effect is a stage like a pinball machine with a strobe ball – and Ringo Starr, with the violins. It closes with the notes of Fuori dall’Hype. However, the public doesn’t seem to want to go “out” at all. The nuclear tactical penguins have “stole” the Roman night. On the stage the writing, “Grazie Roma”, background for the last selfie. In full stage.

Source : IL Messaggero

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