In 2020, the Future Blockchain Summit, global technology event of the year, was held, in addition to the 40e edition of the most renowned exhibition in the MENASA region, namely GITEX Technology Week, whose theme focused on how blockchain is disrupting industries in areas such as transport, logistics, luxury, education, health, finance and also for governments the means of shedding light on the technological possibilities that they might consider.

With global spending on Blockchain technology expected to reach $ 11.7 billion by 2022, the Future Blockchain Summit event targets the ambitious societal project of “bridging the gap” between governments and their citizens through most disruptive technologies while presenting companies that place blockchain technology at the heart of their strategy.

Separately, the UAE government has launched the Blockchain 2021 strategy with the intention of shifting 50% of government transactions to a supply chain platform for this year, with Smart Dubai spearheading the transformation of the UAE blockchain.

The event showcased the strength of blockchain in key industries through panels of experts, who shed light on the impact of blockchain on key industries. Despite the circumstances related to COVID-19, the event was a complete success, bringing together many foreigners from all over the world, proof of the growing interest it is arousing.

Watching the event unfold safely, live and in person was a victory for the global community of technologists who came together. Their passion and dynamism are a great source of inspiration. We are preparing for this year’s event, which will take place October 17-20 and coincide with the start of EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

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