Fired mud volunteer Marco Santacatterina takes 2 days off to go to Romagna and loses his job: “I didn’t deserve it”

He goes to shovel mud in Emilia Romagna for two days, but when he returns he finds himself without a job. Marco Santacatterina, a 24-year-old student who lives in Marano and works as a delivery boy in a pizzeria, had asked for two days off to help flood victims. The owner, according to his story, would have liquidated him with a message on WhatsApp: “Cogl ** e, do not appear again.” After a week, the boy is still upset, reports the Giornale di Vicenza.

What the delivery man said

“I was deeply surprised by what happened in Emilia-Romagna – says Santacatterina-.

It reminded me of the flood that devastated Vicenza in 2011. I was only 12 years old then and of course I couldn’t do anything, but now that I’m an adult I felt I had to do my part. So I contacted the civil protection of Bologna who directed me to a Telegram channel where there was a group collecting the availability of “shovel” volunteers. I didn’t think twice and, after also involving my sister Sara, I organized myself to go to Cesena on Saturday and Sunday.’

“I was excited”

So he contacted the pizzeria and asked for two days off, stating that he was going to Emilia-Romagna to help the victims of the flood. “The response I received left me speechless – continues the student – I have always given maximum availability: I work every weekend, I work overtime if necessary, I covered the shifts on Easter Monday and the 25 April. I’m a guy who makes commitments and keeps his word. I don’t think I deserve this treatment, especially since my request was linked to a gesture of solidarity that I thought was understood and appreciated. Unfortunately it wasn’t like that, obviously for someone money is more important than people”.

“Regardless of how it ended, I would do it all again – concludes Marco Santacatterina-. It was an emotional experience for me and my sister that gave us strong emotions: people welcomed us with open arms, thanking us for the help we had given. We only stayed on Saturday because then the Po flood alert went off, but I have already arranged with two other friends to return this weekend.’

Source : IL Messaggero

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