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If it were up to him, a single calling card would suffice: “reporter.” To colleagues, friends and others, Gian Marco Chiocci is even more. “An information parachutist”. There is a reason why Giorgia Meloni did not want to hear reasons: “I want him in Tg1”. The curriculum vitae of the Romanian journalist who took the head of the country’s first news yesterday is enough to deflate at least part of the clamor of the indignant (every other day) against the “melonical and subdivided” Rai.


Born in 1964, following in his father’s footsteps – his father, Francobaldo, was a great foreign correspondent for Il Giornale e del Tempo, Fallaci generation -, Chiocci made the news, naked and raw, the measure thirty years of journalistic career. And the news, the real news, is never “packaged”. Yes, they are almost always inconvenient in the eyes of the powerful in turn. Chiocci, who will now leave the management of Adnkronos, has upset many of all stripes, from Massimo D’Alema to Gianfranco Fini, the (renegade) political “father” of the right who entered the building on last september Years of learning and paving have earned Chiocci a reputation as an assault reporter. A problem for politicians, even more so for many colleagues who are always suspicious, waiting for the “hole” from “Gianma”. The first steps in local news, in the Gazettes of Tuscany by Longarini. Then the arrival at Tempo di Angiolillo, in the Abruzzo, in Latina, Frosinone and the first investigations in the capital between black, judicial, sports and health. A brief passage to Mario Pendinelli’s L’Informazione, we are at the beginning of the 90s, until Vittorio Feltri summons him to the Giornale in 1994. Chiocci remains here for twenty years. And sign investigations that make him famous as one of the most sought-after and feared journalists in Italy. From the Noleggiopoli case, the scandal of the housing of social security institutions granted at low cost to politicians, which overwhelmed the then secretary of the PDS Massimo D’Alema, who was forced to leave an INPDAP building in Trastevere Even events that have left their mark on the history of Italian judicial affairs, from the Parmalat accident to the MPS affair. And again, the investigations written in dark pages of that history, from the gate of Niger to the Abu Omar case, scandals that Chiocci uncovered by relying on a dense network of sources from the world of security and intelligence. intelligence It is from the columns of the newspaper founded by Montanelli that the Roman journalist signs one of his best-known scoops: Gianfranco Fini’s “secret” house in Monte Carlo. It was the beginning of the descending parable of the expare of An. In 2013 Domenico Bonifaci called him to direct Il Tempo. In the Palazzo Wedekind Chiocci creates a pirate newspaper that manages to gain public prominence between news and satire (he is the one who calls the cartoonist Osho). Effective covers, sometimes provocative (like the one that framed “The Mussolini Man of the Year”), under the banner of a motto, “as long as we talk about it”, which a newspaper can never really ignore. A director whose “hands itch” because of the news, according to his parents. Always ready to take apart and reassemble the paper with the court reporters sitting on the blue sofa in his office when a new paper emerges, another clue.


Chiocci is a local journalist, but he is not a party journalist, and he has never hidden it. For years, long before the prominence of Melon in power, he has been taken into account and listened to by the leader of the FdI, who wanted him as a spokesman in Palazzo Chigi (he refused) and found convergences in his landing in Rai. This is the case of Giuseppe Conte, who loves the former director of Adnkronos and sat with him at a recent Roman lunch, overlooking the Rai appointments (which, not surprisingly, happened with the approval of the M5S). Director of the first Tg, Chiocci will be perhaps something more. This is also why, inside and outside the magic circle of Giorgia and FdI, there are those who swallowed before the appointment and felt threatened. Now there is a phone that will ring louder than the others between Palazzo Chigi and Viale Mazzini.

Source : IL Messaggero

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