Seagull against mouse, the latest havoc at Rome’s Termini station: the flight of tourists

Dirt, animals and discomfort Rome is presented to those who arrive passing through the Termini Stationa mouse dead dragged for seagull among the shouts of the passers-by. Thousands of people arrive in the capital every day and the first thing they see are the streets bordering the station. These streets, as you know, are characterized by bivouac, degradation and really too much waste, so they don’t really represent a good business card for the city. In addition to not giving a good image, garbage accumulated and left to rot on the ground or outside the containers inevitably attracts various animals.

Just yesterday a mouse was lying in the middle of the sidewalk creating quite a mess.

Several tourists still with their suitcases in hand who passed by him couldn’t help but cry out in fear, who stepped on him by mistake, who had already gotten used to him, who looked at him with pity.

The small animal attracted the attention of many passers-by, among them that of a seagull, the only one that took care of “cleaning” the road by taking it away, probably to eat it in peace.

Source : IL Messaggero

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