Bruna, the trans woman beaten by the local police in Milan: “I drank and smoked, but I didn’t bother anyone”

Tell your version of events brunettethe woman trans beaten by some local police officers a milan, in a video that went viral on social media. “I didn’t undress and I didn’t bother any of the children – he says in an interview with Corriere della Sera-. There were no children there.” Bruna, that’s the name she’s known by in the neighborhood, is originally from Fortaleza, Brazil, but has been living in Milan for 29 years. “I was nervous, it’s true. I was arguing with five drunk Peruvians who were insulting me”, he adds.

Bruna’s version, the protagonist of the video of the crash in Milan

Bruna denies all the accusations made against her, but admits: “The night before I drank a little and smoked a joint.”

What then caused the reaction of the agents? “They put me in the car. I started to complain and they said “shut up, shut up, be good”. So I banged my head against the plexiglass. And the one who was the boss said to stop the car: “Now let’s give him a beating.” He tried to grab my hair to pull me out, but I pushed him away and ran away. I tried to hide in a parterre but they found me.”

At this point what you see in the shock video happens: the beatings, the beatings and the pepper spray. “I raised my hands – he remembers – I asked them not to hit me. I was very afraid. Now I want to report them.” Bruna also denies having threatened to infect the agents: “It’s absolutely not true. All I did was bite my hand nervously. When I get angry, I get angry, but I’m not violent. I was angry because they took me and not that group of Peruvians who insulted me.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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