MASTER – “It is not true that he has continued to exercise since then financial advisor Indeed, it is true, but I leaned on some colleagues, who gave me a hand.’ Unlike others professionals who took away their customers. “It all started with my secretaries, who stabbed me in the back. The biggest one left overnight, without warning, and took the clients to the new studio, that of a colleague of mine from Dolo».


So the accountant Beatrice Anni, 49 years old, who seven years ago inherited a large amount of credibility and clients from his father, Domenico Annì, and today he is left without clients, without a studio, without secretaries, without a job. And with desperate customers looking for it and not finding it. Anyway, he didn’t escape to the Bahamas, he’s in Mestre. And it is justified. “Of course I have my mistakes, but if something is missing, if some payment has not been made, I have nothing to do with it.” The fault of the secretaries, then, two to be exact, which the customers describe as very good, one of which had always been there, in the studio at via Terraglio 36 opened almost 50 years ago by Beatrice’s father. And since in all professional offices, be they lawyers or accountants, notaries or doctors, it is the secretaries who keep things going and who make the difference, the fact that the Annì office suddenly runs out of employees perhaps explains the situation that has affected the owner. But why this escape? “I overpaid them – he explains – but they were envious. You know, among women, if one is fresh and leads the good life “…


In any case, the accountant had to inform her clients that she could not practice since last January because she was suspended by the Order. “I warned everyone – he continues – indeed, before warning them it was the secretaries who let them know that I had problems and thus I lost almost all my clients. how is that I let the study go, I had my own problems, even health problems and in any case I couldn’t keep up with everything. However, I repeat, the clients who stayed I continued to trust other accountant friends. It’s just that after this article in the Gazzettino all I can do is run away. You’ve ruined me.”
But if the customers were already warned, the article has not changed anything. In any case, it is certain that some did not know, since they certainly kept looking for her and never found her. And at least one has already received the file from the Tax Agency, which has not been paid.
“I repeat: if it happened, I had nothing to do with it. I have never taken a penny from my clients. Then some didn’t pay me. However, I admit that I left the studio at the mercy of the facts, but the secretaries had been preparing the revolt for years. And just before Christmas they abandoned me and without warning. I already intended to sell the office and then I saw clients leaving suddenly, even 5-6 a day. That’s how it went. Now I just want to disappear.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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