MILAN After stabbing his seven-month pregnant partner to death, he went on a shooting spree for three days milan with Giulia’s half-burnt body in the trunk, trying to cover the tracks and cheat by disguising her death as a voluntary exit, Alexander Impagnetiello stagger “The only form of repentance that makes sense is to take my life,” he repeated to his lawyer after confessing to the murder of Julia Tramontano, 29 years old. The investigating judge in Milan Angela Minerva validated the arrest and ordered the preventive custody in prison of the thirty-year-old bartender, imprisoned since Thursday in San Vittore, which according to him is still trying to understand why he did it.

THE GIRLS “I’ve been wondering about this for hours,” she told the judge yesterday. He didn’t tell the prosecutor Wednesday night, after the carabinieri found Giulia’s body in a crawl space less than two kilometers from his home in Senago, and he doesn’t even now. “He claims there is no real motive other than the stress of the situation,” the warrant validating the arrest says. Or “the management of the two girls”, but also the fact that families, friends and work colleagues had discovered their double life. The officer with Giulia who was expecting a child and the secret one with a young woman who, after a year and a half of relationship, finding photos of her partner with the baby’s body on her mobile phone, spoiled the plans of Impagnetiello’s infidelity. . The fact that the bartender does not identify the cause of the murder does not make the outlines of what he committed any less clear: for the investigating judge, on the contrary, the indeterminacy of the act carried out “even aggravates the disproportion between the motives and homicidal behavior”.

She tried to burn it twice, once in the bathtub and once at the gas station, letting the flames consume her for two hours before giving up. Regarding the dynamics of the stabbing, he now corrects his first statements recorded in the minutes: no gesture of self-harm on the part of his girlfriend “tired of living”, “on Saturday evening she cut tomatoes for dinner and unintentionally injured his arm with the kitchen knife he was using” and this would have been the “spark” that would have caused Impagnatiello to hit Giulia several times in the neck. The bartender is charged with aggravated voluntary manslaughter, concealment of a corpse and abortion without consent. Excluding premeditation – from the moment the intention to kill arose until the moment the man stabbed his partner there was not enough time to recognize the aggravating factor – and cruelty, since homicide does not it is “characterized by a particular stubbornness, considering the type of weapon used, the number and extent of the blows inflicted.”

MOTHER Sabrina Paulis, Alessandro’s mother, is the last person to see Giulia alive. “My son is a monster, I know it – he says now between tears – tell the whole truth, now you can’t run away from anything.” He despairs for the young woman’s family, “Mother Loredana is a fantastic person. Alessandro has gone mad and I apologize for having such a son. Ale was different, believe me. I don’t know what happened. I have always believed in my son, when we were alone I asked him: “Do you have to tell me something?”. He replied, “No, I don’t have to tell you anything. Mother, you trust me.” how do you forgive Alessandro will pay, yes, but it is unforgivable.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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