Vanessa Incontrada and Rossano Laurini together again: “I am in love with my husband again, I would like another child”

Vanessa Incontrada’s heart is busy again. Still hitting for the same man as before. For his partner, Rossano Laurini, with whom he lived sixteen years of happy union and the birth of Isal. A couple who have tasted what the word crisis means. A crisis opened up by her and explained in her own way: “I am in a moment of reflection in my life and this is helping me to understand what I want for my future. Of course, I don’t know where my transformation will take me, but I’m looking forward. I would like to try a new passion».

Vanessa Incontrada returns with her husband

Passion took her there, to his home, to him, to his family. “Rossano and I have been together for a long time and even if the birth of a child changes some things, today I say that I would really like to have another child, let’s see what happens.” Words addressed to Diletta Leotta, who are preparing to experience motherhood for the first time.

But that things between the two have returned, points out Di Più Tv, can also be understood from the use of social networks by the Spanish actress and presenter. Vanessa has returned to Instagram, after stopping for a year, a series of photos portraying her, Rossano and Isal with the inscription: “I love you family”.

What happened

If this time she managed to have another child, Vanessa would not immediately return to work as happened in the past with Zelig: «I have always had a strong maternal instinct, but my pregnancy was not easy.

We will see. However, I am sure that, in any case, today if I had a child I would not go back to work immediately, as I did at the time by returning soon to Zelig, but I would take more time to be with him.’

Source : IL Messaggero

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