Dumped by her boyfriend, Emma goes on holiday with her father: ‘I was heartbroken, he fixed it’

You know the movieI’m leaving with the madman»? For this story we could change the title to “I’m Going Away With Dad”. Emmaa 20-year-old girl, and her father Dominic they are the protagonists of this unique and curious story.

The twenty-year-old Canadian of Italian origin had been abandoned by her former boyfriend. At that moment the idea: “Father, shall we go together?” How Emma de Palma he documented his trip with his father: beaches, snacks and, above all, memories that will last forever.

The viral video

The story, told by the girl on TikTok, has moved thousands of users. The video has arrived more than 3 million views.

Lots of user messages. “You made me cry, you have a golden father,” they write on social networks. “You have your ex to thank for giving you this trip with your dad,” one user points out.

Emma then posted a video to thank everyone for the kind words on her father’s behalf: “Domenico thanks you all.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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