Ladies and gentlemen, is Alessio Corvino eliminated? Who is the ex-girlfriend that freezes Lavinia

Alessio Corvino I would have decided to quit for good Men and women. The suitor, after not appearing in the studio in the episode aired on March 22, is unlikely to return to the show. The reason for the decision would be in the continuous reports about the relationship that Corvino still maintains with his ex-girlfriend. A relationship that tronista Lavinia Mauro never had bad eyesight. And that this time it could put an end to the possible “election”.

Alessio had already left the studio a couple of episodes ago, right at the height of the umpteenth argument with Lavinia. «For me, he can stay where he is, but if he wants to come back, he must apologize to me» had said the throne player. And then, commenting on Alessio’s decision not to come to the studio, he said: “In 6 months he still hasn’t managed to understand that the problem is not the snacks, the reports… The real problem is that for the umpteenth time he puts himself in front of everything. He only thinks about himself. He left convinced he was just angry to report. He didn’t think at all about me, about my fears, about what I wanted to tell him. I was very disappointed. It was obvious he didn’t show up today.”

Who is Alessio Corvino’s ex-girlfriend?

But who is Alessio Corvino’s ex-girlfriend? His identity is unknown, but we know that in the last few months he has seen the Men and Women suitor a few times because of mutual friendships. They last saw each other at a friend’s birthday party. Will Alessio Corvino leave Maria De Filippi’s dating show for her? Probably not: the real reason for a possible farewell would lie in Lavinia’s lack of trust in him.

Source : IL Messaggero

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