Friends, the previews for the afternoon of March 25. Invited, eliminated and challenged – here’s what we know

Friends From Maria De Filippipreviews: the program of Channel 5 back in the early evening Saturday March 25. In the last episode we saw the elimination of Megan and NDG. This time, in all likelihood, only one of the boys will be eliminated. Great expectations then for the guests and for what could happen in the studio. Will Emanuel dance it again? Will there be another curtain between Zerbi and Celentano?

The previews

According to the latest rumors, we could see a showdown between Rudy Zerbi and Arisa if the two meet in a challenge. On the other hand, already in the first episode between the two, there was no shortage of excavations. At home the tension between the students is high. The elimination is in the hands of judges Giuseppe Giofrè, Cristiano Malgioglio and Michele Bravi. But this time the singer Federica could take a big risk who, during the first episode, ended up in the second round with NDG and then saved herself in extremis.

The last installment

In the first chapter of the Night, emotion and tears were the masters. The performances of the talent contestants, as mentioned, ended with the eliminations of Morgan and NDG. The latter reached the final vote with Federica Andreani who charmed the studio to the tune of Tango (Tananai’s Sanremo song) taking home the victory of the challenge. The singer, belonging to Team Arisa, was so moved by the opening notes that she had to catch her breath and continue.

Source : IL Messaggero

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