Ukraine war, explosions in the Russian city of Krasnodar. Medvedev: “The conflict could last decades”

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  • Explosions in the Russian city of Krasnodar

Medvedev: “The conflict could last decades”

The conflict in Ukraine could continue for “decades” if “the very essence of the neo-Nazi government” in Kiev is not removed, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council said. Dmitry Medvedev quoted by the Tass agency. “This conflict will last, maybe decades. It’s a new reality, new living conditions,” said the former Russian president and former prime minister during a trip to Vietnam.

Medvedev, therefore, has said he is convinced that if the current Ukrainian government remains in power “there will be three years of truce, two more years of conflict and then everything will start again.” “The very essence of neo-Nazi rule in Kiev must be removed,” added the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council.

Explosions in the Russian city of Krasnodar

The explosions took place this morning in the center of the city Krasnodar, the capital of the southern Russian territory of the same name. This has been reported by local media, according to which the city’s anti-aircraft defenses went into action after the center was attacked by drones.

Regional authorities quoted by the Tass news agency confirmed at least one explosion, adding that there was material damage but “according to the first estimates, no one would have been injured”. Explosions had already occurred in this Russian territory last May 5 at the Ilsky oil refinery, presumably also caused by a drone attack. There have been an increasing number of reports of attacks inside Russian territory in recent weeks, including the cross-border raid in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast.

US: “We reaffirmed our no to attacks on Russia in Ukraine”

The administration of the American president Joe Biden he reiteratedUkraine do not support the use of equipment USA to attack targets within the Russia. The White House National Security Council spokesman told CNN: John Kirby. “We’ve made it very clear to the Ukrainians once and for all what our expectations are for attacking Russia. We don’t want to encourage it or allow it, and we certainly don’t want any US-made equipment to be used to attack Russia on land.” , Kirby said yesterday evening in an interview with American journalist Wolf Blitzer.

“And we have obtained guarantees from the Ukrainians that they will respect these expectations – adds the US spokesman. We have been very clear that we want Ukraine to be able to defend its soil, its territory. They have been attacked. They have been invaded. They have the right to defend themselves. But we have also been clear that we do not want to see a further escalation in this war, the devastation and violence that has already been inflicted on the Ukrainian people.”

Scholz: “Ready to talk to Putin again at the right time”

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz today he said he is ready to resume contacts on Ukraine with the Russian president “when the time comes.” Vladimir Putin, with whom he has not spoken since December. “It has been some time since our last phone conversation. But when the time comes, I intend to talk to Putin again,” Scholz said in an interview published by the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper. Regarding the resolution of the conflict, “Russia must understand that this is not about sealing some kind of cold peace, which would turn the current front line into the new border with Ukraine and only legitimize Putin’s criminal expedition” . german chancellor

“On the contrary, we must achieve a just peace and the condition for that is the withdrawal of Russian troops” after the invasion that began in February 2022, he added. However, Scholz explicitly refused to say whether such withdrawal should also include Crimea, which has been occupied since 2014. The German chancellor believed it was up to Ukraine to define exactly what it wanted. Scholz and Putin last spoke in December 2022, for an hour by phone. The German head of government had then again unsuccessfully urged the Russian head of state to withdraw his troops from Ukraine, while the tsar had accused the West of pursuing “destructive” policies.

Since then, bilateral relations have been at an all-time low. The war in Ukraine has forced Germany into a painful and spectacular diplomatic and economic turn, after decades of betting on these two areas for a rapprochement with Russia. Before the invasion of Ukraine, Moscow was Germany’s main gas supplier and one of its main oil suppliers. After the outbreak of war, Germany also decided to invest heavily in its military. Thus he broke with a long tradition of pacifism in the country, a consequence of the horrors of Nazism.

Japan announces new sanctions against Russia

Japan’s government today announced the extension of its sanctions against Russia over its war in Ukraine, blacklisting several Moscow military officials and restricting the exports of 80 Russian companies. The Tass agency reports.

Source : IL Messaggero

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