Airplane door open during flight. “The children were shaking and crying in panic”

High altitude panic. This is not a director’s film Rob Pallatina but of a shocking episode that happened last Friday. A door on an Asiana Airlines plane carrying 194 people opened shortly before landing at the International Airport of Daeguleft nine passengers with difficulty breathing, but the plane landed safely, authorities said.

After leaving Jeju Island, the plane was en route to Daegu, 237 kilometers southeast of Seoul, when a door suddenly opened at 12:45 p.m., airport officials and sources said. sector

The plane landed in a short time with the door open.

None of the 194 people on board fell from the plane or were injured, but nine panicked passengers had symptoms of respiratory distress and were taken to hospital. Officials said they were not in serious condition and may have suffered from excessive breathing.

Police detained a 30-year-old passenger for questioning on suspicion of trying to force open the door as the plane prepared to land. It is not clear why he did this.

Among the passengers were 48 elementary and high school athletes who were scheduled to participate in a national sports event in the nearby city of Ulsan on Saturday. “The children were shaking and crying in panic,” said the mother of one of the athletes. “Those sitting near the exit must have been more impacted.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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