Biden, new gaffe: number of nieces wrong. He says he has four (but he has five)

Joe Biden is fighting back in public. During the White House celebrations for the women’s basketball team that won the college championship, the president said that he has four grandchildren when he has five. “The real athletes in my family are all women,” Biden said, later specifying the wrong number of his “granddaughters.”

Biden, new joke with nieces

It is the latest in a series of gaffes by the 80-year-old president that have the media and public fearing for his physical and mental health as he heads into a second term as commander-in-chief. Earlier this month, Biden told reporters he was planning a “big press conference” when it came to an interview.


A month earlier on NBC he had declared that he wanted to celebrate at least “three or four more” Easters at the White House, then added: “Maybe five, maybe six, what the hell?” At another event late last year, he said he awarded his uncle a Purple Heart in 2008 for his service in World War II, even though his uncle had died a decade earlier. And again last year he asked an MP who had unfortunately died a few days earlier to stand up.

Source : IL Messaggero

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