Federica Pellegrini is pregnant, who confirms the rumours: “The family is getting bigger”. Here are the pictures

Federico Pellegrini (34 years old) is pregnant. After several days in which rumors of an alleged pregnancy surfaced, the official announcement has arrived. The world champion swimmer was photographed on the beach with her husband, Matteo Giunta (41 years old), while enjoying a well-deserved vacation, but what caught the eye was the suspicious belly.

The marriage

La Divina married on August 27, 2022, her former coach, Matteo Giunta, and together they decided to spend their “honeymoon” among “the streets of India”, in the Beijing Express reality show, testing the bond with the new husband. The newlyweds didn’t make it, finishing just seconds behind, but their understanding and bond certainly came out stronger than ever. Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta are thus preparing to accept a new challenge, the most difficult, which requires commitment and a lot of dedication, but the fans are sure that both will be an exemplary mother and father.

The race

Federica Pellegrini is soon to be a mother Federica Pellegrini had an outstanding career, representing Italy during the Olympic Games and winning. She retired from competitive swimming in 2021 to focus more on her family and her husband, Matteo Giunta, married in 2022. Since she left swimming, fans have asked her, even insistently, if she was going to have children. A year ago, La Divina commented on these questions saying: “It seems to me a somewhat heavy question, not so much because of the question itself, because the beauty of having children is something unmatched in life. But it almost feels like if they never came, they weren’t there, I should feel less accomplished than I do. No, absolutely not. So if they come, if they don’t come, fat, but my life will remain the same”. A few months later, the stork is arriving and mom Federica and dad Matteo couldn’t be happier.

Source : IL Messaggero

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