Donna hires a snake charmer to kill her boyfriend – the (successful) plan taken from a TV series

When reality surpasses fantasy. The Indian maiden Mahi Arya she is accused of killing her boyfriend Ankit Chauhan32 years old, planning together with lover a fictional crime: According to the local police, the woman would have even done it hired a snake charmer professional, to make his cobras bite the victim, injecting deadly poison into the body. The mobile of the crime? A getaway with the new boyfriend, Deep Kandpal. About 10,000 Indian rupees, or just over a hundred euros, the amount that would have been agreed with the hitman for the murder.

The first to end up in handcuffs, reports the Times of India, was the alleged charmer-murderer: he told investigators that the waitress would have conceived her boyfriend’s murder by taking inspiration from some episodes of the Indian TV series “true crime”.Crime Patrol“, based on actual local crime reports.

Later – we learn from the Mirror – Arya and her accomplice-lover, who had been in hiding in the meantime, were also captured. They will have to answer for the charge of homicide in court.

The dynamics of murder

Those investigating the case believe Chauhan was invited to his girlfriend’s house in Haldwani town on the night of July 14 last year. In the previous weeks, the maid would have deliberately deactivated the video surveillance system inside her house, the chosen location of the deadly ambush: the 32-year-old man would have been bitten by a cobra on both feet and the venom would have knocked him unconscious.

The victim’s body was later found by chance by a businessman, who noticed it lying in the back of a car parked not far from the maid’s house. Autopsy results confirmed the presence of wounds on the feet, consistent with venomous snake bites.

Source : IL Messaggero

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