Child bitten by a snake during a christening party: fear in a farmhouse in the Salerno area

The boy – of unknown age – was playing quietly in the garden of a farmhouse cherry, in the province of Salerno. He had come there from the town of Moio della Civitella with family and friends, gathered to celebrate a baptism. The day seemed to pass quietly, when suddenly a snake bit him, brutally interrupting the festive atmosphere. Emergency services were immediately called and the little one was taken to San Luca di hospital Wall of Lucania.

Suspecting it might be the poisonous bite of a viper, the medical staff decided to transfer the child to a better equipped center. The little boy was then whisked away by air ambulance Santobon of Naples.

The helicopter arrived at the Giovanni Morta Sports Field, and then set off again towards the capital of Campania at full speed.

The alarm was cleared

The alarm quickly disappeared, as soon as the little one was treated at the Neapolitan facility: the doctors verified that he had not been bitten by a viper, therefore he had not even been poisoned. Probably, therefore, whether it was a snake or a common country rat-snake, it will be difficult to ascertain exactly.

According to hospital sources heard by, in addition to the different analyzes of the doctors on the child, the total absence of the typical symptoms attributable to the action of its venom when it enters the human circulatory system was also “exonerated” from the vipers: heat, pain, redness and swelling at the point of the wound. Symptoms usually spread to the entire limb within six hours, also causing stiffness, generalized pain, coldness and bluish skin. Fortunately, none of this happened to the young man.

Source : IL Messaggero

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