Lucia Celotto, the teacher beaten by the student’s mother in class: “I was insulted and hit on the head and shoulder”

Violence enters classroom: teacher beaten in front of the students of the classical high school Plinio Seniore, in Castellammare di Stabia, in the province of Naples. The attack took place in front of the frightened and disbelieving gaze of the boys, only 14 years old, who saw the mother of one of his classmates approaches the English teacher, insults her and then physically assaults her.

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In the delegation of via Virgilio the teacher Lucia Celotto He was lecturing the AI ​​when he heard a knock on the door. The teacher opened it and found a woman in front of her who immediately started yelling at her. “I saw this figure coming towards me and insulting me a lot in front of the students – explains the teacher – then he hit me on the head, arm and left shoulder. It took me by surprise, usually no one ever enters the high school, but yesterday morning this woman was able to climb the stairs and reach the classroom that is on a completely different side of the building entrance” . The woman was not alone, there were three other people waiting for her on the ground floor.


The reason for so much violence would be the teacher’s assessment of the first year student. Too low marks according to the parent, in order to induce a confrontation first with the person in charge and then directly with the teacher, but without the right of reply. “After the attack I went to the hospital alone to be treated, I did not receive the solidarity of the management. Without phone calls from the manager or his collaborators, the climate that we teachers also experience in this school is one of discomfort, we do not feel protected. I will be suing not only my assailant, but also the school for wrongful death and for allowing violence into the classroom.”


The students who witnessed the attack were also shocked: “My daughter came home scared – says a father – she told me that she saw the mother of one of her classmates pulling her English teacher’s hair , heard dozens of curses and insults. How is it possible that strangers can enter the classrooms? What if the woman had been armed? We find what happened absurd and worrying for the safety of our children. The teacher will now remain some time away from classes, first to heal the physical wounds, then to overcome the feeling of anger and impotence that has invested him.


“My colleague’s aggression is not an isolated case in the post-pandemic school – says Valeria Longobardi, Rsu del Plinio – episodes of violence often occur in schools to the detriment of teachers, but also of ATA staff. It is a growing phenomenon. As a trade union representative of the classical high school Plinio Seniore, I express all my solidarity with my colleague also on behalf of the Flc Cgil. I want to call on the manager, the other two RSU colleagues, the entire Plinio community, teachers, ATA, parents, to talk about what happened, condemn the violence and together find more effective strategies to firstly recover the school-family alliance, which seems to have been cracking for some time now”.

Source : IL Messaggero

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