Who wants to be a 007? Italian intelligence is looking for new recruits. And asks those who have the right to send their CV. Algorithmic for cryptanalysis, photointerpretation of satellite images, machine learning techniques for biometric recognition. These are the fields at the center of the new selection launched by Dis (Department of Security Information), the body that coordinates the Italian secret service agencies.

Selection of intelligence

“The Information System for the Security of the Republic constantly selects the best resources to put at the service of the country, for the safeguard of national security and for the protection of strategic interests in the political, military, economic, scientific and industrial”, we read in a statement.

There is more than a month to apply: the deadline for sending the documentation is set, in fact, at midnight on June 30.

In case of recruitment, the department informs us, “the professional qualification assigned will take into account the results of the selection, qualifications and professional experience of the candidate”.

The required skills

Therefore, technical skills are required in the more advanced fields on which intelligence is measured today. But not only. Along with qualifications and academic experience, a fundamental requirement to enter the sector is indeed to demonstrate “reliability and security, strong sense of responsibility and attachment to state institutions, as well as proven confidentiality skills».

Entry rules

But how does the selection work? The next Italian 007 will be chosen with a multi-phase selection. After the first, that is to say, the existence of a curricular pre-selection, “candidates will be subjected to the selection procedures foreseen, including the verification of the possession of the appropriate professional knowledge and skills, of the psychophysical and aptitude suitability and of the required requirements. of reliability and security”.

So far the rules for the new selection. But this is not the only way to access the compartment, they say from Piazza Dante. In fact, another channel remains active: “The possibility of submitting the spontaneous application through the online procedure in the section “Work with us””.

Linguists and cyber experts: the sought after profiles

Submit your resume to the relevant section of the site, it is indeed possible to apply for a role within national intelligence. Which one? Some profiles are currently more sought after than others, informs the Dis. Four in particular: analyst in the geopolitical field, the contrast with the phenomena of terrorism and subversion; expert in economics (golden power, green economy and energy transition); knowledge of rare languages ​​and dialects of the area; cyber security technician and in the field of drones; expert in information research.

Source : IL Messaggero

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