Electronic ID, site out of use

The portal for issuing the Electronic ID is out of order The pro-russian hackers Noname057(16) have claimed the attack on the portal of Keep them in mindwhich in turn denies this version and speaks of simple “technical problem».

The Ministry of the Interior made it known: “ID services are temporarily unavailable due to a technical problem in the provision of Internet connectivity, following the fire that broke out yesterday near the station Tiburtina, which affected fiber optic cables. .

«We are working to restore full functionality“, they add from the ministry.

Pro-Russian hackers

On their Telegram channel, the pro-Russian hackers had claimed responsibility for the attack by posting a photo of a bear against the background of an Italian tricolor and an identity card. “Italy – read the message – is ready to provide material support to Ukraine, but expects decisive steps from the allies. No independence Fortunately, our team can make decisions on their own, we entered the Italian Russophobic segment of the Internet and killed an e-ID card website.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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