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Autonomy, accounts alarm: a third of the Irpef in the North. Svimez: “This is how the State budget is emptied”


The central point, the crucial question of differentiated autonomy, also begins to emerge in the numbers. The question was raised first by the Senate Budget Service and then by the European Commission: how much will the public budget be “emptied” by transferring resources and taxes to the three rich regions of the North? And how will the State reduce the gaps if it has less funds? The first analysis that tries to provide an answer was presented yesterday in a Senate hearing by Luca Bianchi, director of Svimez. The table, left in the records, explains that, based on data from the Ministry of Economy, if Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna obtained the subjects they requested (23 for Veneto, 20 for Lombardy and 16 for Emilia), the State should transfer 90.2 percent of the income tax collected in its region to Governor Luca Zaia, 70.7 percent to Lombard Governor Attilio Fontana and 78.8 to cent al dem Stefano Bonaccini. The income retained by the three rich regions of the North would be equal to 30 percent of the total national income. One euro for every three in taxes would be used to finance services in the wealthiest areas of the country. The “equalization” that would be charged to the public budget would become a mirage. Ultimately, Bianchi explained, it is not “a North-South territorial opposition with the South, which is the enemy of efficiency and change”. Criticism is now detailed and comes from technical bodies such as the European Commission. The other question that Svimez asked is: what would have happened if in 2017 the three Regions had the required powers? Today, is the answer, they would have a surplus in their budgets of more than 9,000 million euros.

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The economic sustainability of the project has become the main stone guest of the examination in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the Senate. For this reason, the senators of the 5 Star Movement Mariolina Castellone, vice-president of the Senate, and Stefano Patuanelli, president of the group, have asked that another Committee deal with the issue, that of Budgets, immediately starting an investigative investigation. . A proposal that would have already obtained the majority support of the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia. Meanwhile, doubts about the project continued to arise at yesterday’s hearings. The president of Anci, Antonio Decaro, has recalled that there are still “critical points”. And he has emphasized again how “the attribution of particular forms and conditions of autonomy must be exercised mainly or exclusively in the field of legislation”. Ultimately, the Communities do not have to manage the services, a prerogative that must remain with the Town Councils. The president of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, has stressed the need to determine the Lep “in favor of all the Regions”, “with a great sense of responsibility” and in a “loyal institutional collaboration”. Statements that have not escaped the opposition. Fedriga, stressed the senator dem Andrea Giorgis, “we also seemed aware of the impossibility of guaranteeing adequate essential levels, overcoming the inequalities that exist today between one region and another and, at the same time, foreseeing, as Article 8 of the project does of Calderoli law, the “financial invariance”.

There has also been criticism from the associations. “There is a strong risk that differentiated autonomy, as envisaged in the current system”, said Vanessa Pallucchi, spokesperson for the Third Sector Forum, “end up deepening the already serious inequalities that cross the country”. Pierino Di Silverio, general secretary of Anaao Assomed, the association of doctors, asked to “remove, already in the framework law, the protection of health from the subjects on which the Regions can request greater autonomy to avoid the blow of grace to what remains of the National Health Service. It would, he said, be “a social suicide as well as and before professional and health care”. Also rejected by Legambiente, through the mouth of Maria Maranò. “Natural resources”, he say, “they don’t have administrative borders, they can’t have different rules and protections”.

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