Meloni: “Europe helps us in the Pnrr. The tax cut will be strengthened”

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“Italy’s locomotive cannot be slowed down.” This is what Meloni says about the flood and the reconstruction of Emilia Romagna which is worth 9.5% of the national GDP. And for the restart “we will mainly activate the solidarity fund, but there is also the cohesion fund ed it is essential that there is flexibility in the use of existing funds, even those of the Pnrr ». It is being warned in Europe – but von der Leyen knows this and has so far shown a certain awareness of the gravity of the situation – that Italy has dramatic needs and we should not argue too much about the sources for funding. Leaving the Pnrr as a box already closed when on the other hand the changes in the Italian and European situation are sudden and profound and new difficulties have arisen – “I went to Japan to appoint a commissioner for the drought and I came back having to make one other because of the bad weather”, points out Giorgia – in government circles it is considered an anti-historical position. Meloni speaks at the Trento Economics Festival. On the same set – but Giorgia is in video connection with the stage of the Social Theater from where Maria Latella asks her questions – than the other day Elly Schlein talked about his idea of ​​an economy in which, for example, equity is a fixed point. Meloni is in very different positions. He repeats several times the concept that he likes very much and that is well received both by the audience of entrepreneurs and the general public: «Minimum wage does not create wealth, productivity, fiscal equity and work are the tools for Italian development». The head of government is specific: “We will make the cut of the fiscal wedge structural», collected in the decree of May 1 and already fixed in the budget law. “This measure – insists Meloni – is different from what my predecessors did, and it didn’t end there. The cut in labor taxation must be the priority and we will continue to make more and more progress along this line.” Cutting the wedge at a time when inflation is rampant has a major impact. The first challenge is to make these measures structural, the second is to expand them further. Here you are “the wedge cut is much better than the minimum wage“, beloved by the left, “which is good on a philosophical level but in its application runs the risk of being a boomerang”. Meloni continues: “We have starvation wages, plus the problem of inflation, and in the face of these deep difficulties we feel that lowering the wedge and strengthening payrolls is of no use: those who speak like that are saying things that cannot stand”. You talk differently about tax evasion: “The state and citizens must not be adversaries. I, the State, give you a helping hand by simplifying procedures and reducing taxes; but if you, citizen, do not behave well in the face of this effort and escape, the reaction of the institutions will be harsh”. In fact, 3,900 officials have been hired to collect taxes and action is being taken against open and closed companies, set up specifically to defraud the Treasury. It will be the public, which is not political, it will be that the honeymoon between Meloni and the country continues, in fact Giorgia does not have an aggressive tone when saying these things, neither towards the opposition nor towards others. He chose instead, and not only here, the format of laborious calm and it is a position that the tragedy of Romagna pushes him to strengthen. And the dialectical relationship that Italy is maintaining with France is based on concreteness. “We work with Macron on many files – Meloni assures us – and the fact that they feel compelled to criticize us means that our government is doing well.” Meloni is particularly proud of the fact that “our international posture has changed.” Italy isolated in Europe and “rejected”. No, she says. “They respect us more because we don’t smile at random and we’re not afraid to tell our colleagues who we are and how we think. what is our national interest and how can it be reconciled with that of others». Italy’s position – he insists – is that of a serious and reliable nation. Which does not mean complying as Italy has done too many times in the past.


He does not dare too much to presidentialism and autonomy but says that “the two reforms must be done together at the end of the legislature”. Which does not sound good to the ears of the Northern League. Then, when Giorgia talks about Giorgia, the audience is especially intrigued. “To be successful – word of Underdog – you have to make your flaws your strength. For example, I suffered from great insecurity and that’s why I started studying a lot. I’ve become a nerd.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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